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Saturday, 26 April 2014 | MYT 6:16 PM

Reds will fall and Blues will stand tall

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho will be hoping to burst Liverpool's 11-game winning bubble when the two sides meet in Anfield on Sunday. - AFP

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho will be hoping to burst Liverpool's 11-game winning bubble when the two sides meet in Anfield on Sunday. - AFP

LET’S face it, Chelsea are probably not going to win the English Premier League this season.

Too many unsatisfactory results against lesser teams have more or less put paid to the Blues’ chances this season.

The loss against Sunderland, to say the least, was unnecessary ... but it happened. When a team create enough chances but fail to score, they probably don’t deserve to win.

But let’s get one thing straight: There’s not an iota of a chance that Chelsea, or Jose Mourinho for that matter, will hand the title on a silver platter to the Reds!

If the Reds want to win it so badly, then they’ll have to beat us to deserve a shot at being called Premier League champions for the first time.

Knowing how Mourinho thinks ... he probably has too much pride in him to hand it on a platter to Brendan Rodgers.

With Chelsea also very much alive in the Champions League, and destiny is still very much in our own hands, there’s no denying which is the more important priority for the Blues.

Football neutrals may have said that Chelsea killed the game (by parking the bus) instead of trying to play it the right way in the 0-0 stalemate away to Atletico Madrid.

But that’s the kind of result Jose loves and we just need to beat the Spanish side when they come to Stamford Bridge.

So, with that fixture in mind, plus the fact that Petr Cech, inspirational captain John Terry, Samuel Eto’o and possibly Eden Hazard all still missing through injury, it’s easy to assume that Liverpool would be rubbing their hands with glee and thinking that they’ve got their hands on the trophy already.

But, just maybe, that’s what Mourinho is trying to make Liverpool think ... and hit them on the attack, knowing very well that our “second string” team still boast the likes of Nemanja Matic, Mohamed Salah, Ashley Cole, Andre Schurrle and Demba Ba.

But let’s not forget about the Manchester City factor.

City have rebounded from their defeat by Liverpool and, with a game in hand, could still snatch the title from the Reds’ grasp.

A Chelsea win over Liverpool this weekend, which is more than likely, could very well tilt the title race back to Manchester City’s way.

Although the Blues have only a faint chance of claiming the league title, you can bet Mourinho will send his men out to put Liverpool to the sword.

So Keep The Blue Flag Flying High.

Kng Zheng Guan is adamant that a Jose-inspired Chelsea will find it in them to secure a morale-crushing defeat on Liverpool at Anfield.

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