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All is not lost for Soufi and Hashimah

PETALING JAYA: Nor Hashimah Ismail will get a second shot to win a ticket to the women’s singles semi-finals at the lawn bowls World Cup.

The 45-year-old Malaysian’s hopes of finishing top in the 12-player Group 1 was dashed after she lost 7-8, 9-9 to Guernsey’s Lucy Beere in a closely-contested match at the Warilla Bowls and Recreation Club in New South Wales, Australia, yesterday.

Earlier, Hashimah had upset defending champion Carmen Anderson of Norfolk Island 8-5, 8-5 to continue leading the group. But the loss to Beere proved costly as she dropped to third on 27 points after the completion of the group matches.

Only the two group winners automatically qualify for the semi-finals. The second and third-placed players from Groups 1 and 2 will play each other in a crossover playoffs with the winners qualifying for the last four.

Hashimah must now beat Ronalyn Greenlees of the Philippines in today’s playoffs to reach the last four.

Mohd Soufi Rusli, the Malaysian representative in the men’s singles, also reached the playoffs. He is assured of third place in the 13-player Group 1 after winning both his matches yesterday. Soufi, who has 27 points, plays leader Ronnie Duncan of Scotland in his final group match today.

National coach Zuraidi Puteh said it was encouraging to see two Malaysians in the playoffs.

“This is a tough competition. Hashimah came close to win a direct semi-final ticket, but there is another chance for her tomorrow,” said Zuraidi.



Group 1: Tom Rogers (Spa) bt Gariga Babona (Png) 8-8, 10-3;
Mohd Soufi Rusli (Mas) bt John Gaborutwe (Bot) 16-4, 16-1; Ronnie
Duncan (Sco) bt Phil Jones (Nfi) 13-5, 13-4; Jeremy Henry (Aus) bt
Hirendra Bhartu (Can) 12-2, 4-11, 3-2; Selwyn Hare (Isr) bt Ross
Davis (Jer) 10-5, 5-8, 5-0; Su Hong Lam (Mac) bt Cabous Olivier
(Nam) 11-5, 10-5;
Leading standings (after 12 matches): 1. Ronnie Duncan (Sco) 33
pts; 2. Jeremy Henry (Aus) 30; 3. Soufi Rusli (Mas) 27; 4. Hirendra
Bhartu (Can) 21; 5. Gariga Babona (Png) 18.
Group 2: Ali Forsyth (Nzl) bt Osman Yahya (Bru) 12-7, 11-4; Pierre
Breitenbach (Rsa) bt Scott Roberts (US) 11-6, 7-7; Curtis Hanley
(Aus) bt Munesh Kumar (Fij) 12-7, 13-7; Matt Le Ber (Gue) bt Mark
McGreal (Iom) 6-11, 8-5, 3-1; Stanley Lai (Hkg) bt Shaun Parnis (Mlt)
8-6, 10-6; Melvin Tan (Sin) bt Ozkan Akar (Tur) 6-11, 12-5, 7-0;
Leading standings (after 12 matches): 1. Pierre Breitenbach (Rsa) 33
pts; 2. Ali Forsyth (Nzl) 30; 3. Curtis Hanley (Aus) 27; 4. Mat Lee Ber
(Gue) 24; 5. Stanley Lai (Hkg) 21.


Group 1: Lucy Beere (Gue) bt Hilda Tam (Mac) 15-3, 15-6; Natasha
Scott (Aus) bt Hajah Salleh (Bru) 10-6, 11-5; Stephanie Hili (Mlt) bt
Carol Broomfield (Spa) 11-6, 8-3; Pricilla Westlake (Can) bt Obakeng
Gaborutwe (Bot) 12-4, 18-2; Queenie Lai (Hkg) bt Radhika Prasad
(Fij) 12-11, 10-9; Nor Hashimah Ismail (Mas) bt Carmen Anderson
(Nfi) 8-5, 8-5; Natasha Scott (Aus) bt Obakeng Gaborutwe (Bot)
23-1, 11-4; Stephanie Hili (Mlt) bt Radhika Prasad (Fij) 9-5, 7-6;
Lucy Beere (Gue) bt Nor Hashimah Ismail (Mas) 8-7, 9-9; Carmen
Anderson (Nfi) bt Pricilla Westlake (Can) 10-4, 15-3; Queenie Lai
(Hkg) bt Hilda Tam (Mac) 4-8, 11-5, 4-0; Carol Broomfield (Spa) bt
Hajah Salleh (Bru) 9-5, 7-6.
Final standings: 1. Natasha Scott (Aus) and Lucy Beere (Gue) 30 pts;
3. Nor Hashimah Ismail (Mas) 27; 4. Carmen Anderson (Nfi) 24; 5.
Stephanie Hili (Mlt) 21; 6. Queenie Lai (Hkg) 18; 7. Pricilla Westlake
(Can) 15; 8. Radhika Prasad (Fij) and Carol Broomfield (Spa) 12; 9.
Hajah Salleh (Bru) 6; 10. Hilda Tam (Mac) 3; 11. Obakeng Gaborutwe
(Bot) 0.
Group 2: Jo Edwards (Nzl) bt Loa Babona (Png) 17-3, 9-7; Lesley
Doig (Sco) bt Colleen Piketh (Rsa) 8-8, 10-2; Tammy Tham (Sin)
bt Margi Rambo (US) 12-6, 18-1; Ronalyn Greenlees (Phi) bt Petal
Jones (Nfi) 14-8, 10-5; Merle Apter (Isr) bt Corrie Windle (Ned) 6-13,
8-6, 4-3; Lesley Doig (Sco) bt Petal Jones (Nfi) 10-3, 9-6; Colleen
Piketh (Rsa) bt Windle Braam (Ned) 9-5, 17-4; Masako Satoh (Jpn)
bt Margi Rambo (US) 10-2, 9-5; Tammy Tham (Sin) bt Jo Edwards
9-6, 2-12, 3-2; Ronalyn Greenlees Phi) bt Loa Babona (Png) 8-7,
Final standings: 1. Jo Edwards (Nzl) and Lesley Doig (Sco) 27 pts;
3. Ronalyn Greenless (Phi) 24; 4. Collen Piketh (Rsa) 21; 5. Tammy
Tham (Sin) 18; 6. Petal Jones (Nfi) 15; 7. Masako Satoh (Jpn) 12; 8.
Merle Apter (Isr) 9; 9. Loa Babona (Png) 6; 10. Windle Braam (Ned)
and Margi Rambo (US) 3.