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Dharmaraj contract: No delays on our part, say NSC

KUALA LUMPUR: The National Sports Council (NSC) have clarified that there was no unnecessary delay in awarding national hockey coach K. Dharmaraj his contract.

NSC director-general Datuk Zolkples Embong said on Friday that a contract was offered to Dharmaraj last month but he did not accept it.

“Then the MHC (Malaysian Hockey Confederation) made a request for additional funding and we had to take time to sort it out. The salary discussions are between the MHC and the coach. We are not the main paymasters. The MHC are expected to top up whatever sum they agree on after we have confirmed what we can offer,” he explained.

Under the NSC’s coaches scheme the pay scale is between RM4,500 and RM10,000.

“The NSC have a scheme for coaches and whatever we offer is based on that structure. I do not know what was promised to Dharmaraj but a final decision on his contract was only made after the joint consultative committee meeting in March. There was no delay on our part as we needed time to look at the new request made by the MHC,” he explained.

Dharmaraj had almost quit on Wednesday, claiming he had not received his salary for the last four months and no contract was offered to him. He said the only money he received was the RM4,000 from the MHC as an “allowance”.

The issue was resolved on Thursday with the MHC agreeing to his terms and confirming that all monies would be paid soon. Dharmaraj signed the contract with the NSC on Friday morning.

Zolkples chided Dharamaraj for missing the morning training on Thursday.

“I understand that he did not attend the training on Thursday morning. This is not good considering that the team have an important assignment in two weeks’ time. Now that the matter has been settled I hope he will focus on the job and the training sessions are not interupted,” he added.

The Malaysians are preparing for the World Cup which will take place in The Hague, Holland, from May 31-June 15.

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