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Cops are not spared housing woes

From TAN SRI LEE LAM THYE of Kuala Lumpur.

Challenges facing new IGP

From DATUK AKHBAR SATAR, President, Transparency International Malaysia

Amend MACC Act to give it more bite

From DATUK AKHBAR SATAR, President, Transparency International Malaysia

Let justice take its course

From DATUK AKHBAR SATAR, President, Transparency International-Malaysia

Anti-graft pledge by police hailed as a good move

PETALING JAYA: Signing a corruption-free pledge alone does not suffice unless “positive and practical” steps are taken for it to bear fruit, say anti-graft and integrity watchdogs.

Fighting graft: Police personnel citing the corruption-free pledge at Pulapol.

Fight drugs on home front

From DATUK AKHBAR SATAR, Institute of Crime and Criminology, HELP University.

Fight corruption at all levels

From TAN SRI LEE LAM THYE, Senior Vice-Chairman, Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation

Corruption and its debilitating impact

Like a disease, fraud and bribery choke off sustainable political and economic development.

Time to take fight against graft to the top, say groups

PETALING JAYA: Political parties should disclose all of their financing and expenditure, says Transparency International Malaysia.

Integrity must be taught at a very young age, says expert

PROPER parenting and the right working environment will help reduce corruption among the youth in the country, says Transparency International Malaysia president Datuk Akhbar Satar.

Akhbar speaking on integrity at the state level corruption free oath reciting ceremony at the Ipoh Customs Headquarters. — Bernamapic