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Soft Snug slimming pants gets rid of cellulite

Since 2015, Soft Snug has been waging a war against cellulite and fat via its Mint+ heat pants for women around the world.

Soft Snug’s first brick and mortar retail outlet in Subang Jaya.

Flying off to find adventure

Ruminations - By A.R. Amiruddin
“WHAT? It’s raining rice from the sky!” exclaimed a Bernama lady journalist on board a Nuri helicopter.

Exploring classic flavours in Chinese cuisine

DINING in New Village Restaurant in OUG Plaza brings back the familiar taste of Chinese dishes that one can enjoy in a kampung.

The stir-fry French has a unique twist with crunchy prawn shells.

Retailer overcomes adversity to grow a diversified group

DATUK Michael Lim, founder and owner of Vinsoon Group, has worked most of his lifetime to get to where he is today.

Expanded: Lim has grown his shoe retail company into a larger company with businesses in real estate and property development.

Let’s be serious about going green

THE number of floodings and devastation in our country and the rest of the world in recent years, are a result of how we have treated our planet.

Modern ailments, traditional cure

“Although herbs are getting more and more expensive, the number of patients visiting our TCM centre did not dwindle. In fact, it has risen steadily since we started operating seven years ago. We get about 30 to 40 patients each day,” said its deputy principal Lau Hung.

Chinese herb prices shoot up

DINING on caviar and foie gras may not seem to say much about your status in life these days.

A Southern University College Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre staff, Ting Pau Ing, packing some dried Chinese herbs according to the patients health condition and ailments.

Can food help ease arthritis?

KUALA LUMPUR: According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is more important to avoid food that trigger arthritic pains than eat those that can help reduce the pain.

Natural remedy: Ginger can help remove ‘wind’ in the body.

Cooling down with Ais Tingkap

Way back in 1919, a Penang vendor began selling a special drink concoction from a shop window. And the name Ais Tingkap (window iced drink) was born.

Let’s grow herbs at home

APART from their enticing aroma and fresh flavour, herbs nourish the body.