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Drone, robot advocates push for automated package delivery

25 May 2017

Companies are preparing to deliver packages to customers by drone or robot, industry representatives told a congressional subcommittee. But, they argued, looser and more consistent regulations will be needed to help the industry achieve lift-off.

Google adds YouTube to suite of ad tools tracking retail sales

24 May 2017

Google is giving advertisers a slew of new ways to measure online spending and tie it to consumers’ offline purchases, including the addition of Google’s huge video service, YouTube, to its feature that tracks retail store visits.

Are omniscient computers on the way? Google thinks so

24 May 2017

A computer that anticipates your needs, writes your emails for you, recognises your friends and knows your voice – it sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are making it a reality.

AI wins as Google algorithm beats No 1 Go player

23 May 2017

Google’s computer algorithm AlphaGo narrowly beat the world’s top-ranked player in the ancient Chinese board game of Go on May 23, reaffirming the arrival of what its developers tout as a ground-breaking new form of artificial intelligence.

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