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Designed to bring in flow of blessings

17 January 2017

A GIANT sculpture of God of Prosperity seated on a pot of gold ingots and coins now welcomes shoppers to the Sunway Carnival Mall in Seberang Jaya.

There is hope amid change

5 December 2016

For the US post-election, much work is ahead on improving gender balance and drug policy reforms.

Shahrizat goes with the flow

29 November 2016

Wanita Umno’s glamorous grandmother is preparing to get her senior ladies into a serious general election mood at the wing’s annual assembly this week.

It’s all in the mind

20 November 2016

SUCCESSFUL women have one thing in common – they never use their gender as an excuse and they all share a winning mindset.

Women at the top

20 November 2016

Over two decades after the United Nations set a 30% quota of women in top-level positions, ‘that highest and hardest glass ceiling’ remains intact after Hillary Clinton lost her bid to become the first US female president. Are women making headway here?

Stumped by the Trump victory

13 November 2016

Both sides of the Malaysian political divide are equally guilty of many of the outrageous things said and done in the US presidential election campaign.

Progress, but uphill slog for women in tech

12 November 2016

They are under-represented in the industry and sometimes made to feel unwelcome in geek-infested workspaces, but women are making their voices heard at Europe’s largest technology marketplace.

Clinton thanks staff, supporters behind historic bid for U.S. presidency

10 November 2016

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Hillary Clinton walked onto the ballroom stage Wednesday morning to do what many had considered unthinkable: thank her campaign staff after failing in her bid to become the first woman elected U.S. president, instead of the anticipated victory speech under a symbolic glass ceiling.

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