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Facebook’s harm is taking life out of context

Last week was rough for Facebook Inc. Further information came out that Russian agents had used the service to organise rallies in support of US President Donald Trump and to buy pro-Trump ads.

When Facebook brings you directly to “the news,” without much cultural intermediation, the risk of outright lies rises, and it is less clear which pieces of reporting have been through credible external scrutiny. — Bloomberg

Inside Jeff Bezos’s US$5bil bet that Amazon can win India

It’s mere weeks to the festival of Diwali, the season of lavish, reckless consumption, and in a cavernous warehouse minutes from the Hyderabad airport, hundreds of workers are furiously sorting mountains of everyday items.

Alleged American paedophile arrested in Koh Samui

BANGKOK: Police in Koh Samui arrested an alleged American paedophile while he was buying a ticket for a ferry boat to travel to Bangkok.

Frida the rescue dog emerges as hero of Mexican earthquake

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - For a country still in mourning and counting its dead from Tuesday's devastating earthquake, Frida the Navy rescue dog has emerged as a source of inspiration and pride in the search for survivors.

Safety is our top priority

We all have a role to play in preventing fires and should know what to do when a fire breaks out.

Feeding logic into the rumour mill

Thinking things through helps to sift out the truth, but that’s not what gossipmongers and their audiences really want.

Multilingual JPJ officer ‘happy to help’

PETALING JAYA: Perlis Road Transport Department (JPJ) officer Nur Syafiqah Azaman, who impressed netizens with her fluent Mandarin and later got an award for bringing pride to her department, is just happy that her multilingualism helps foreigners visiting her workplace.

Ability rewarded: Nur Syafiqah with her award after receiving it from Shaharuddin.

Australia plans tax on ghost homes

ON a wet, midweek evening when most Australians are home cooking dinner, fewer than a third of the lights are on in the apartments in Melbourne’s Docklands. Most shops and restaurants are closed. The only people passing through seem to be on their way elsewhere.

Excuse me, who lives on trees?

Et cetera - By Sharon Ling
In Internet age, it’s frustrating people remain ignorant of their own country.

German election campaign largely unaffected by fake news or bots

BERLIN/FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Germany is on guard against any last-minute meddling in Sunday's election but experts have seen only isolated attempts to swing votes during the campaign.