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Short Position

4 February 2017

IT has taken four years for the Maran brothers from India to get off the hook.

Some tech companies are trying affirmative action hiring

12 January 2017

Tracy Chou wrote a post on Medium in October 2013, challenging tech companies to tell the world what percentage of their software engineers were women. Surprisingly, it worked: Google, Apple, Facebook and others published their lopsided race and gender statistics.

Mitigating extreme investment strategies

7 January 2017

LIVING on the edge is often perceived as a sheer act of stupidity by people with low risk appetites. But for thrill-seekers, i.e. stuntmen, rock climbers or gamblers, such lifestyles promise excitement and fulfilment – something that cannot be quantified by mere dollars and cents.

How couples can talk about money

3 December 2016

MONEY issues are one of the leading reasons for divorce in Malaysia, and in fact, around the world. Sometimes, it seems people are more comfortable discussing sex, religion, death and politics than money.

SMEbiz news in brief

26 September 2016

Alipay got its start in 2004 as a way for the customers of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd to more easily buy goods online. Now the business’s parent company may be worth US$75bil — more than Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

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