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Clearing the air about hazing

7 August 2016

The recent controversial and highly sexualised activities during the National University of Singapore’s orientation programme created a stir across the Causeway and in Malaysia. Sunday Star speaks to university students and academicians about the situation here – which, it turns out, is a far cry from the notorious rituals of the past.

Need for students to learn new words

10 July 2016

VOCABULARY is a term used to define the words which make up a certain language. More often than not, teaching vocabulary tends to be one of the biggest challenges faced by educators in schools.

Educating our young ones

28 January 2016

If we keep treating our children as infants throughout their school life, we should not be surprised at the consequences.

Applying IT skills in the ICU

6 September 2015

Technology is at the heart of healthcare and a group of undergraduates were happy to provide input on system improvements.

Mass varsity education – is it worth it?

27 June 2015

THE US business model for higher education is spreading. It gave the world the modern research university – a blend of the 17th century Oxbridge college system with the German research university developed in the early 19th century.

Posters of solidarity

5 April 2015

With a brand new concept for this year’s NiE contest, participants will have to come up with convincing messages that touch on all aspects of being Malaysian.

Google execs woo Cuba IT students

16 March 2015

Cuba may have one of the lowest rates of Internet access in the world, but that hasn’t dissuaded Google from sending over some of its leading lights.

Annyeong, we are here !

15 March 2015

The number of Kpop fans visiting Korea on study tours is proof that they are beginning to appreciateits language and culture too.

Approval for finance course

1 March 2015

THE University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) has become the first British university in the world to receive full programme accreditation by the Finance Accreditation Agency (FAA) for its Master’s in Finance and Investment.

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