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French artist successfully hatches eggs after incubating them for 3 weeks

PARIS: French artist Abraham Poincheval, who famously spent a week inside a rock and two weeks inside a bear sculpture, has succeeded in hatching chicken eggs after incubating them for some three weeks.

Cuppa News: Thurs, 02 Mar 2017

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French artist to live inside stone block for a week

French artist Abraham Poincheval has embarked on an interesting experiment-living inside a block of stone for a week.

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French artist is entombed in rock for a week

PARIS: A French artist was entombed on Wednesday inside a 12-tonne boulder for a week, saying: "I think I can take it."

French artist Abraham Poincheval poses in front of his artwork Pierre ("Stone") in Paris, Feb 2, 2017.PHOTO: REUTERS.