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Comparing East Germany and N. Korea

Change in East Germany began as a pro-democracy movement, not a reunification movement. Could this happen in North Korea now?

Time to focus on the economy

After the ‘sugar-rush’ spending of the previous administration, the NLD-led government may have saved Myanmar from bankruptcy – but the pace of economic reforms has been slow.

The world needs empowered women now more than ever

In Asia, fundamental changes to social stereotypes and cultural norms might take some time, but they are indispensable.

Tennis scandal reflects Taiwan’s psyche

OVER the last fortnight, Chan Yung-jan became Taiwan’s first tennis player to win a trophy at the US Open and the second-ever Grand Slam winner after she and her partner, the legendary Martina Hingis, won the women’s doubles title on Sept 11.

Where’s the beef?

US should tap potential of farm exports to China instead of focusing on trade deficit.

Back on the market: US flags and branding are seen on US beef samples during a promotional event in Beijing. China opened its gates to US beef imports earlier this year after a 14-year ban. — AFP

Rohingya crisis a concern for the region

If minority group’s suffering is ignored, the conflict may spread beyond Myanmar and Bangladesh.

A very Singaporean dilemma in picking a president

There is just no pleasing everyone, much as the Presidential Election Committee might try.

A question of fair play

A tactical advantage given to the host nation is becoming the bane of the region’s premier multi-sport event.

Make CoC negotiations count

Many Asean members want a legally binding document to control the behaviour of countries in the South China Sea but so far, the difference between binding and non-binding is not clear.

Asean at 50, more of a neighbourhood

The ‘Asean Way’ has brought the grouping a long way, but it defines not only how fast but also how far it can move with the community idea.