Thursday, 4 July 2013 | MYT 12:00 AM

Save endangered Gua Kanthan trapdoor spider

IN April there were media reports about “saving” Gua Kanthan in Perak.

Several parts of a limestone hill near Gua Kanthan are used as a quarry and now there are concerns that the area within the cave would be added to the existing quarry site.

Gua Kanthan is a spectacular river cave, nicknamed “The Cathedral” due to its large size.

It is also home to an endemic trapdoor spider which is found nowhere else in the world.

This spider, Liphistius kanthan, has now been listed as critically endangered species on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List.

Critically endangered is the highest level of danger for living creatures. The next level is extinct.

Liphistius kanthan is also included in the Malaysian Wildlife Conservation Bill (2012 Amendment) as a protected species. In fact, all Malaysian Liphistius are protected.

We hope the quarry company at Gua Kanthan is aware about the rare trapdoor spider and will preserve the cave.


Kuala Lumpur

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