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Putting Dr G On The Spot

How safe is oral sex?

There is a risk of catching or passing a disease during oral sex.


PKR infighting boils over

The disagreement between those who want to engage PAS and those who don’t has left PKR circles stirred and shaken. It also lifted the lid on the split between the Datuk Seri Azmin Ali camp and the Rafizi Ramli faction.

On The Beat

Malaysia is all about us

A National Day video has sent out a stark reminder to all that we must work towards making Malaysia a better home for all.

The Star Says

Golden way to prove that unity is the winner

LEGENDARY American DJ the late Casey Kasem would conclude the video programme America’s Top 10 with his vignette of life advice, “Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.”

Watching The World

When devotion becomes blind

A spiritual guru with a cult-like following was found guilty of rape, and more than 30 of his followers lost their lives protesting the decision.

One Man's Meat

Train yourself to be obedient on planes

As the laptop ban spreads, electronics junkies are going to have to provide themselves with placebos.

Commodities Today and Beyond

Commodities prosper the rakyat

PUAN Meriah Abdul Hadi lives with her daughter and son-in-law in Tangkak, Johor. For local travellers, this growing town is well-known as Syurga Kain (“Fabric Town”) in the 1970s and 80s, as well as a gateway to the mystical Gunung Ledang or Mount Ophir.

Walking On The Edge

Celebrating our achievements and independence

A series of firsts, an abundant medal haul from the SEA Games create the perfect mood for our 60th National Day.

Why Not?

Spirit of Malaysia in an eventful week

From a walk for unity and the SEA Games leading up to National Day, the real Malaysia was on show in all its glory and glaring misgivings.

Reflecting On The Law

Returning to our winning formula

Inter-ethnic cooperation was the dream of the forefathers of our Constitution.

What's Your Status?

The positive energy of Prof Shamala

It would be hard to find a professor of Computer Sciences who is as passionate and committed to sports.

The Star Says

The Games show what we need to keep progressing

FOR almost three weeks, we were focused on 111. It was a magic number on which we pinned our hopes.