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On The Beat

Moderation, the way to go

PAS, or any other group, should not be allowed to use religion to challenge Malaysia’s social climate and political system.


No more a DAP sanctuary

DAP leader Lim Kit Siang has declared that Melaka will fall to Pakatan Harapan even though his party in this historical state has been left standing on one leg ever since four of its seven YBs resigned to become independents earlier this year.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Can orgasms be harmful?

How many orgasms can someone have?

Colours of China

Three weddings and an investigation

THE Chinese gossip columns were filled with happy news from the entertainment industry and sports arena this September.

One Man's Meat

Feeding logic into the rumour mill

Thinking things through helps to sift out the truth, but that’s not what gossipmongers and their audiences really want.

Global Trends

Cold reception to Trump Doctrine at United Nations

THERE was a big contrast when two leaders made their maiden speeches at the United Nations last week.