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Lecturer carries on with class as terrified students leap out of way of collapsing wall

BEIJING: A lecturer carried on unperturbed with his lesson after a wall separating the classroom from another next door collapsed during class at a university in eastern China, scaring the daylights out of the students, a viral video on China’s internet shows.

The collapse took place at about 11am on Tuesday on the Yuexiu campus of Jiaxing University in Zhejiang province. No casualties were reported.

A smartphone video of the incident, which was shared widely on Chinese social media, showed shocked students screaming as the wall between two classrooms fell and smashed desks and chairs during the class, but one teacher went on teaching undeterred by the accident.

 An official from the university was recorded in the video saying that the collapsed wall had been previously installed to separate two classrooms and had probably developed cracks before falling.

In a statement published on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, the university said it had sealed off the building built in the 1990s while it investigated the cause of the collapse.

But it seems that the school has much more to fix than just the wall, according to students’ comments that appeared below the university’s statement.

“I hope the school can pay attention to street lights at night. Some of them are very dark… I tripped over the day before yesterday” one student wrote in a comment that received more than 200 likes.

“The windows on the east side of Dorm 7c need to be fixed,” wrote another. “There have been several falling pieces of glass. Please don’t just block entry around it.” – South China Morning Post