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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

HK chief: Poll has no legal standing

HONG KONG: Chief Secretary Carrie Lam says that the poll organised by the “Occupy Central” campaign has no legal standing.

In denouncing the poll, Lam said that the Basic Law had not given the special administrative region authority to organise any “civil referendum.” However, she promised to listen to the views of the people reflected in the poll.

Organisers plan to hold an indefinite blockade in Central, Hong Kong’s business heart, to make the government accept its endorsed proposal.

The Basic Law stipulates that once the Hong Kong chief executive is elected by universal suffrage, only the nominating committee has the power to nominate candidates.

Since the poll started on June 20, individual participants have been identified by distinctive Hong Kong ID numbers in the online system or polling stations run by the Occupy Central organisers. The poll ended on Sunday.

The credibility of the poll has been questioned as netizens have managed to make multiple entries with ID cards that belong to minors and foreign domestic helpers.

Others claimed they had taken part in the poll with ID numbers generated by online robots.

Western news agencies said that some 800,000 had voted.

Statistics extracted from a poll that is designed with bias and technically flawed should be interpreted with caution, said NPC deputy Wong Kwok-kin. He agreed only that, whatever the results were, the poll affirmed a strong public will to have the leader popularly elected in 2017.

The legislator of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions also pointed out that earlier opinion polls, conducted by unbiased sampling, had already indicated that view. In particular, he noted two credible polls had shown that more than half of respondents would accept a 2017 chief executive election without an opposition candidate. — China Daily / Asia News Network

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