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Netizens: Now up to Govt to do the right thing

PETALING JAYA: The Rulers have spoken – in words that are loud and clear. Now, it is for the Government to do the right thing.

That was the feeling of many Malaysians after the strong statement by the Malay rulers on divisive issues in the country. Malaysians now want the country’s leaders to be serious in implementing practices that will create unity and harmony.

Commenting on the Rulers’ statement yesterday that highlighted their concern over the onslaught of controversial racial and religious issues in the country, several netizens expressed their hope that the Rulers would lead the way in spreading unity and harmony.

Facebook user Baskaran Krishnan Kutty said “action speaks louder than words” and expressed hope to see a more harmonious Malaysia.

“Pray that Your Majesties will guide all the wrongs to the correct path,” commented Facebook user Herman Ho on The Star Online’s page.

Several netizens are also looking to the Government’s next move following the Rulers’ statement.

“The Rulers have spoken. What will the Government do now?” asked Jocky Tan.

“Unity has to start at the top and leaders need to set the example,” said user Adrian Paul.

Angel Ong said respect and moderation were spread through education and family values.

“Respect is actually not that hard to learn. But it has been neglected by a lot of people ... Everyone needs to learn how to be kind, humble and respectful,” said Ong.

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