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Lam Thye: Rise of bullying among youths a big concern

PETALING JAYA: The spate of bullying and violent behaviour among youths has become a grave concern for the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation.

Its senior vice-chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye (pic) said negative influences from their peers and the Internet, insufficient parental guidance and elements of gangsterism were the reasons for their involvement in crime.

“It’s more disturbing when violent acts are committed by pupils in primary schools as previously, such cases involved only older students,” he said in a statement.

Lee was referring to a recent incident in Kapit where a seven-year- old pupil died after being assaulted by his seniors at a primary school hostel.

The Year One pupil sustained multiple wounds and bruises on his head and body after he was allegedly kicked and punched multiple times.

Lee said the government and other stakeholders must find the reasons why juveniles are behaving violently and disobeying the law.

“Matters of indiscipline such as truancy, misbehaviour, thefts and fights leading to violence and injury must not be tolerated even if such problems are not alarming in our schools and universities,” he said.

He said the government needs to tackle this “culture of violence” with support from various stakeholders including parents, psychologists and non-governmental organisations.