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Photo Gallery: #AnakAnakMalay­sia Walk 2017

  • Nation
  • Friday, 11 Aug 2017

Some photos sent in by Malaysians living abroad.

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Alexandra Lee, 25, photographer, videographer and English teacher in Tokyo
"What's it like being a Malaysian living abroad? Apart from the 2AM cravings for roti tisu and teh tarik kurang manis and usual groaning when your friends back home sends you pictures of their banana leaf rice, I find myself appreciating the lil things that Malaysia has got to offer: night markets, roadside stalls and trucks, unlimited supply of chili and ketchup from fast food restaurants, being able to speak in a few languages with different folks and it not being a big deal, because everyone just understands. Till now, I occasionally hand out stickers I created from Malaysia and hopefully have people remember that we're rich and diverse in culture and food, something I'm extremely proud of. In conjunction with National Day end of this month, here's a shot of me standing in the middle of a crossing in Shinjuku (not your usual Shibuya crossing- mind you) for #AnakAnakMalaysia ."