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Promoting noble values in Muslims

PETALING JAYA: A movement encouraging Muslims to become better Malaysians will be celebrated alongside the Merdeka anniversary celebration this year.

At Dataran Merdeka on Aug 31, a gathering known as Merdeka #QuranHour will be held featuring a mass Quran recital and an explanation of its teachings.

Datuk Hussamuddin Yaacub (pic), founder of the Warisan Ummah Ikhlas (WUI) Foundation which is organising the event, said the Quran teaches many noble and progressive values such as compassion, fairness, respect and tolerance.

“But while most Muslims recite the Quran, few understand what it says, and some who do understand, do not practise its teachings.

“This is why we started a movement to raise awareness among Muslims themselves to understand their own religion.

“If Muslims in this country understand the Quran properly, they can become better Malaysians,” said Hussamuddin, adding that the event also aims to bridge the gap between Muslims in the country.

The Merdeka #QuranHour, which starts at 8.30pm, is part of a bigger event – World #QuranHour – which the WUI is organising that same day.

The World #QuranHour will be held at the International Islamic University of Malaysia’s (IIUM) Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah mosque at 11.30am.

Husammuddin said both events are open to all, not just Muslims.

He noted how developed countries such as Sweden, Switzerland and Japan are often praised for their discipline and positive values.

“But when it comes to many Muslim countries, what many people see instead are mis­management and all sorts of other problems.

“It is partly our own fault because we do not practise what the Quran says, so the World #QuranHour is a large-scale effort to help correct this.

“If we truly understand and practise the Quran’s teachings we will be better fathers, better managers, more compassionate, more disciplined, and our countries will be the least corrupted and the most developed.”

A proper understanding of the Quran will allow a Muslim to be less easily manipulated by extremist individuals and groups including the Islamic State, Hussamuddin added.

“What we are ultimately encouraging is for Muslims to spend at least an hour a day to interact with the Quran by understanding it so we can apply it in all aspects of our lives.”

He said simultaneous Merdeka #QuranHour events will be held in various locations, including mosques, surau, libraries, government offices, private companies, schools and higher education institutions nationwide.

Similarly, the World #QuranHour will also be celebrated worldwide on Aug 31.

Husammuddin said everyone was free to organise their own #QuranHour session on that day and those who wish to do so can log on to: