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Lynas wants Fuziah to apologise, retract statement on soil conditioner

KUANTAN: Rare earth refiner Lynas Corporation has issued a letter demanding PKR's Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh retract and apologise over her statements about the company's CondiSoil product.

Lynas' general counsel and company secretary Andrew Arnold said the statements in a local Malay daily were false and defamatory.

The company took issue with Fuziah saying the company's chief executive officer Amanda Lacaze lied when she produced a statement that the company's soil conditioner product had been approved by Sirim.

Fuziah had also reportedly said that Lynas was irresponsible and untrustworthy.

Fuziah issued her statements after Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Wilfred Madius Tangau said in the Dewan Rakyat that Sirim had yet to give the green light for CondiSoil and a final report would only be completed by the end of August.

Wilfred also said Lynas had jumped the gun in stating that the product's safety had been confirmed.

However, Lynas later clarified that Sirim confirmed the safety of the CondiSoil formulation that was used in pilot field trials and it was that formulation for which Lynas was now seeking Department of Environment approval and Department of Agriculture registration.

"In 2017, Lynas also submitted to Sirim a new variation of CondiSoil that Lynas may use for future research. Sirim's results regarding that new variation are expected in August 2017.

"That factual position is entirely consistent with the statements in Lynas' media releases dated July 18 and July 27," said Arnold in the letter.

Arnold requested that Fuziah confirm within 24 hours after receipt of his letter whether the statements attributed to Fuziah were actually made by her.

Fuziah said her lawyers were looking into the letter and would reply in due time.

She said her statements were based on what Wilfred had said in response to her questions in Parliament.

"We have tried numerous times to get Lynas to come engage the public in a forum and they have declined every time. Now, where else are we supposed to get answers other than asking the minister?" she said.

Meanwhile, Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas chairman Tan Bun Teet said he would not accept Lynas' position that it could recycle radioactive waste materials into the soil conditioner product CondiSoil.

"I don't think Lynas is capable of making radioactive materials disappear," he said.