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Netizens voice sadness over Zulfarhan’s death

PETALING JAYA: Netizens took to Facebook to pray and express their condolences over the death of navy cadet officer Zulfarhan Osman Zul­karnain.

They voiced their sadness over the untimely death of the 21-year-old final-year student from the Malaysian National Defence Uni­ver­sity (UPNM).

“Al-Fatihah for him. He was a kind person, always gave me ad­­vice and taught me when I was wrong.

“He died in the holy month, may he rest among the righteous. Thank you for being my buddy for a year, and for everything.

“I would never forget your good deeds. Rest in peace over there,” posted user Syahizad Adzlishah.

Mohd Muslim Abdul Mujid des­cribed Zulfarhan’s death as “pitiful, really pitiful”.

“His intention to be in the Armed Forces was to defend the country ... My condolences to his family,” he wrote.

Ariff Mardhiah described Zulfar­han as a “good kid”.

“May he be placed among the righteous ones,” read his post.

Nur Farihah Meor called for justice to be served.

“The guilty must be brought to justice at once.

“Abuse cases at UPNM rarely happen but it is hoped that the si­­tuation at the university which priori­tises discipline ... can be monitored by the authorities from time to time,” she posted.

Facebook user Hatta Morshidi also called for those who were respon­sible for the cadet’s death to be punished.