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Get tips on a career in event management

PETALING JAYA: Ever wonder how event planners pull off those large-scale functions so flawlessly? Thinking of pursuing that as a career?

Then come listen to Berjaya University College of Hospitality School of Tourism head Kit Thong on what it takes to build a career in event management, at Star Education Fair 2017.

Thong, who used to head an event management company, will share her experiences, as well as enlighten you on the career prospects and job scope in her talk, Step Into An Exciting Career In Event Management.

“Event management covers a broad range of sectors, from fashion, exhibitions and conferences to concerts and more.

“It is growing and the prospects are good because it is needed in nearly all sectors,” she said.

Describing the industry as fun and interesting, Thong said compatibility is the first step towards becoming an event planner.

“This career is not for everyone. Energetic and active people who like to socialise and who don’t like to be desk-bound are most suited to it.

“This is because there is a lot of travelling involved and you’re always meeting new people,” she said.

Star Education Fair 2017, taking place on June 10 and 11, will also feature Improving Cities One Community At A Time.

The talk is by programme executives Hui Wai Chung and Liyana Che Ismail from Think City Sdn Bhd, an urban regeneration organisation.

They will share insights on alternative career paths for urban design and architecture students.

Hui said the session would show that working in consultancy firms “is not the only way to go” for students in these fields.

“There are alternative career paths, such as urban regeneration which is a growing field,” he said.

Hui and Liyana will also highlight the public projects they were involved in, to show how public spaces can be improved to boost quality of life.

“Urban regenerators look not only at aesthetics but sustainability as well. They create and design buildings and structures that are better for everyone,” he said.

These talks are under Other interesting careers, during Education and Career Talks on the second day of the fair, from 2pm to 3pm.

Star Education Fair 2017 will also feature an array of study options and programmes from foreign and local institutions. Admission is free.

Experts on pre-university education and representatives from colleges and universities will brief students and parents on a wide range of certificate, foundation, diploma and postgraduate courses, as well as professional qualifications.

Booths are still available for interested exhibitors. For details, call 03-7967 1388 (ext 1233/1475).