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Saturday, 27 May 2017 | MYT 3:35 PM

Heavy downpour causes flash floods in north Seberang Prai areas

BUTTERWORTH: Heavy rains that fell unexpectedly early Saturday caused flash floods in several areas including Taman Senangin, Kampung Main Road, Taman Kepar and Taman Supreme.

Permatang Pauh MIC chief M. Suresh, who visited the effected areas, said water levels started to rise following the 3am rain.

He said the cause of the flooding could be due to the non-functioning of all the five pumps at the Taman Senangin pump house located at Prai.

"Members of the public came to the pump house and helped to clear the obstacles blocking the flow of water into the retention pond near the pump house," he said.

Wong Tiew Hwa, 48, a Taman Senangin resident, said his area was easily flooded whenever there was a downpour.

"So far this year, it has flooded twice," he said urging the authorities to do something about it.


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