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TNB power station back to normal after oil spill

KUALA KANGSAR: Workers at the Sultan Azlan Shah power station in Bersia, Gerik, have successfully cleaned up the oil residue that spilled into Sungai Perak following a hydraulic leak.

Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) Sungai Perak general manager (power station generation division) Mazlan Mohd Som said traces of thin oil film were detected in the river within a 3km range from the station after the leak occurred last Saturday.

“Although the water has been cleaned, we will continue to monitor all activities at the station,” he said in a statement yesterday.

He said the repair and clean-up work was done according to the Emergency Action Plan implemented by TNB in the event of a leakage.

“To do this, we had to stop the faulty generator in order for repair work to be carried out.

“We also employed an oil absorbent boom to prevent further contamination and used oil dispersants to break up the oil in the water,” he added.

Mazlan said the faulty generator had been fully repaired and was operating as normal.

“The oil spots were no longer visible when the team conducted a check on Wednesday evening.

“It was not a major oil spill. Thankfully, we were able to take mitigation measures to control the situation,” he said.

Mazlan also denied allegations that TNB had attempted to cover up the incident and said the leakage occurred in a wide, open space, making it impossible to conceal from the public.

“On the contrary, we also informed several agencies, including the Department of Environment, the police, the Drainage and Irrigation Department and the Perak Water Board of the situation,” he said.

He said TNB was in the process of upgrading the hydraulic system at the Bersia power station to one that is oil-free.