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Anifah: 'My Sabah' group formed to discuss Sabah's state rights

KOTA KINABALU: Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman has formed a group comprising individuals from across the political spectrum to discuss Sabah's rights as a state.

Anifah said on Wednesday that he had initiated the My Sabah group as a forum for those who have spoken about this issue, including former chief minister and Sabah Progressive Party president Datuk Yong Teck Lee and Bingkor assemblyman and Parti Solidariti Tanah Air (STAR) president Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan.

"I feel very comfortable working with the Prime Minister. Sometimes I raise domestic issues with him and he listens," he said in a posting on the My Sabah WhatsApp group.

Anifah, who is Kimanis MP, said he had access to the Prime Minister and could thus raise issues that were important to Sabahans.

"Are we getting a fair deal? Have the promises, assurances and agreements made in the formation of Malaysia been implemented and fulfilled," he said.

He said Jeffrey had spoken for many years about the state's rights but no one in authority paid much heed to him.

"I started thinking how I could persuade some fellow Sabahans to set politics aside for a common good. My Barisan Nasional colleagues would not want to rock the boat," said Anifah.

"It was best I worked with people who have issues to raise and nothing to lose. If anyone were to lose, it would be me," he added.

Anifah added that he had asked Jeffry to prepare a memorandum on Sabah's rights that would be submitted to the Prime Minister.

"This will be devoid of any political and self promotion. What wrong have these people done in trying to salvage what belongs to us," Anifah added.

Anifah's statement came in the wake of accusations by Datuk Wilfred Bumburing of Parti Cinta Sabah, whose party had quit the United Sabah Alliance.

Bumburing had accused Yong and Jeffry of playing a "double sword game", adding that their involvement in the My Sabah group was causing suspicion.