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Thursday, 16 February 2017

M’sians suffer sweltering Adelaide and rainy Perth

Soaring heat: Nazira, standing under the hot sun in Perth, said the weather has been crazy.

Soaring heat: Nazira, standing under the hot sun in Perth, said the weather has been crazy.

PETALING JAYA: Although the Australian summer comes to an end by March, many there are still feeling the heat.

Student and part-time bartender Mia Teh, 20, said it has been extremely hot in Adelaide, with heatwaves more common in South Australia.

“Last Christmas, Adelaide was the hottest city in the world, with the temperature reaching 40°C ,” she said.

Having lived in Australia for six years, she said the heat was different from that in Malaysia.

“There is high humidity and a dry heat.

“Heatstroke is pretty common around this period and due to the extreme heat policy, children are sent home from school earlier,” she said.

The highest temperature recorded in Adelaide last week was a whopping 42°C but it cooled to 27°C yesterday.

Ash, a 22-year-old student living in Wollongong, south of Sydney, for the past one and a half years, said the weather was hot last weekend.

“The heat was really bad on Saturday and Sunday, it was 40°C but thankfully it has cooled down,” he said.

“I constantly had two fans on while I studied and I wanted to get another but they are sold out at most retailers,” he said.

In Perth, residents were seen out with umbrellas because it was raining often and very hot when not.

Nazira Ziyana, 25, who has been studying there for the past year said: “The weather was crazy last week.

“It was raining four out of seven days, two were cloudy days and then the temperature suddenly shot up to 37°C one day.

“We can’t sunbathe at the beach and kids on summer break can’t go out with their friends because of the rain.

“But when the sun comes out, it is so hot and dry that my heels cracked,” she said.

Nazira, who has also been a frequent traveller to Australia the past six years, said the hottest day in Perth was when the temperature hit 47°C during the summer last year.

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