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Perak cops arrest 71 suspected gangsters

IPOH: Police have arrested 71 individuals believed to be involved in gangsterism and various criminal activities in the state.

The arrests were made under the Ops Cantas Khas 2 operation, which was conducted from Aug 6 to 19, where police also seized a samurai sword, several machetes, knives and fake pistols.

Perak's Criminal Investigation Department head Senior Assistant Commissioner Datuk Gan Tian Kee (pic) said recently, triad members have gone overboard by committing crimes like murder, drug dealing and robbery.

"Twelve officers and 60 members divided into ten teams were involved in the operation and were sent to places like Manjung, Ipoh, Teluk Intan and Taiping.

"We have evidence of their involvement and they will be brought to court. We are going for the real targets ... quality targets," said SAC Gan during a press conference at the Perak's contingent police headquarters here on Thursday.

From the 71 suspects, one will be investigated under the Prevention of Crime Act (Poca) and will be remanded for 60 days.

From January till August this year, 75 individuals have been investigated under Poca, with more arrests expected, said SAC Gan.

The most influential triads in the state are Gang 08, 36 and 04 and police will make sure that they curb their influence in the state.

Based on investigations, there are 32 triads in the state and they are actively involved in various activities.

"Triads in Perak are involved in everything but we are able to control their activities.

"There are targets who escaped but I'm biding my time. They will come back.

"I'm not going to warn anyone any more. If you've committed a crime, you will be arrested," he said.

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