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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Runaway Chickaboo settling well in new home

SEMENYIH: Except for experiencing a bit of “culture shock”, runaway ostrich Chickaboo is doing well at its new home in Ostrich Wonderland here.

Farm owner Casey Tey said Chickaboo would not be lonely as it has three other ostriches, one of which is a sibling, for company at the farm.

“Chickaboo has a minor cut on its neck and seems to be experiencing culture shock after seeing so many other ostriches but it is okay,” Tey said when met at the farm yesterday.

“I just want Chickaboo to be comfortable,” he said, adding that he planned to build a special enclosure for Chickaboo as many curious visitors have been asking about the bird.

The six-month-old ostrich was famously caught on camera sprinting along the Federal Highway on Thursday.

It made the dash while its owner Darren Chow, 44, was transporting it to the farm from where he had bought it.

Safe haven: Casey feeding Chickaboo at the Ostrich Wonderland farm in Semenyih.
Safe haven: Casey feeding Chickaboo at the Ostrich Wonderland farm in Semenyih.

Chow was sending the bird back to the farm as it had grown too big for him to handle.

Tey said Chow did stay for a while with Chickaboo at the farm as he was concerned how it would adapt to the new home.

“He admitted that he had made a mistake for not taking enough precautions when transporting Chickaboo to our farm here,” said Tey.

Tey said the special enclosure to be built for Chickaboo would allow visitors to get “up, close and personal” with the ostrich and learn about it.

When visited by The Star, Chickaboo seemed quite happy frolic­king with the rest of the flock at the farm.

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