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Tuesday, 19 January 2016 | MYT 8:30 PM

Family heartbroken after girl loses legs, but hopeful for quick recovery

Siti with her supportive family at the hospital.

Siti with her supportive family at the hospital.

KLANG: "She is so brave. But as a mother, it is hard for me to be strong. It breaks my heart to see my daughter going through so much."

These were the words of Maimunah Md Razali, the mother of 13-year-old Siti Nuraisyah Sahrin, who lost her legs after being run over by a lorry on Monday.

"No mother would want her child to suffer like this. My heart is broken," said the 48-year-old when met at the hospital where her daughter is being warded.

She said all she could hope for now was for Nuraisyah to recover and be able to walk again.

On Monday, Nuraisyah was on her way home from SMK Bagan Terap in Sabak Bernam on a motorcycle with her stepsister Shamim Amira Roslan, 14, when the incident happened at about 3.30pm.

A Perodua Kancil was believed to have overtaken them and brushed against their Honda EX5 in the process.

Siti was thrown onto the middle of the road when a lorry coming from the opposite direction ran over her legs.

Shamim suffered a sprained ankle from the impact.

According to her stepfather Roslan Sardi, 40, the family had recently moved back to their village in Sabak Bernam from Port Klang in mid-December due to family and work needs.

"I transferred all my children to a primary and secondary school in Sabak Bernam, hoping for a more tranquil life back in the village.

"Now, I regret the decision. My daughter might not be like this if we stayed where we were," said a sad but composed Roslan.

A check at the Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah ward showed that scores of relatives and friends had been visiting the girl.

A composed Nuraisyah, who underwent surgery earlier, also acknowledged her visitors and spoke to some of them.

"My wounds hurt," said the girl softly when approached, adding that she wanted to walk again and was hopeful of recovering soon.

Roslan noted that her daughter's severed legs were crushed and could not be reattached.

Her left leg was amputated below the ankle, while her right leg was amputated below the knee.

"All of us are prepared to support her throughout her recovery, and I want to get her a wheelchair and prosthetic legs to help her walk in the near future.

"I hope that she will be able to attend school soon," he said, adding that he was also thankful to the many visitors who gave their support.

Meanwhile, a police spokesperson from Sabak Bernam district police headquarters confirmed that both the lorry driver and the Perodua Kancil driver lodged police reports Tuesday and their statements taken.

All vehicles involved in the incident were sent to the Chemistry Department for analysis to facilitate investigations.

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