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Insight into Eastern and Western medical practices

  • Nation
  • Saturday, 22 Nov 2014

Prof Hong Hai, author of the book, The Theory of Chinese Medicine.

Prof Hong Hai, author of the book, The Theory of Chinese Medicine.

PETALING JAYA: A traditional Chinese medicine practitioner who is trained in engineering and economics has written a book entitled The Theory of Chinese Medicine.

The book is an attempt to reconcile the very different belief systems of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Western medicine.

The writer, Prof Hong Hai, is also adjunct professor and senior fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Prof Hong was chief executive of a pharmaceutical company earlier in his career.

However, a bout of ill health in the 1990s for which he could not find relief from Western medicine saw him turning to traditional medicine for help.

He was subsequently cured, and this led to his growing interest in TCM.

Prof Hong graduated with an MD in Chinese medicine from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in China a few years later.

Today, the Malaysian-born professor, 71, divides his time between NTU and his traditional Chinese medicine practice in Singapore.

Prof Hong believes that areas of contention arise between the two health systems because their respective practitioners are trained in different disciplines and belief systems.

He believes TCM can complement Western medicine in treating diseases and in some instances, be an alternative form of therapy.

His book is an attempt to “make a contribution to a better understanding of Chinese medicine by the scientifically trained public and professionals in biomedicine who, befuddled by the ambiguities of TCM concepts and perplexed by the abstruse language of Chinese therapies, have either ignored or dismissed TCM, and in so doing are the poorer for it”.

The book will be launched on Nov 26 at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Petaling Jaya campus.

Prof Hong will also be giving a talk entitled “Is TCM based on science and how is it relevant in a world of advanced biomedicine?” at the book launch from 7pm to 9pm. To register, call 03-7958 2628 (ext. 8663) or 03-7957 2818.