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Friday, 5 September 2014

Cops probe Filipino intruder

KOTA KINABALU: Police are looking into the background of a 22-year-old Filipino intruder who was shot and captured during a standoff in waters off Pulau Bakungan Kecil that borders southern Philippines.

Investigators are trying to determine whether he belongs to any kidnap-for-ransom, militant or smuggling group after he attempted to attack an army commando unit that ordered him and seven others to surrender.

His accomplices fled and are back on Bakungan Besar island in Philippine waters while the suspect is now recovering at the Duchess of Kent Hospital for gunshot wounds on his legs.

The Eastern Sabah Security Command and police declined to disclose the possible motive of the intruders, saying that investigations were ongoing.

Esscom commander Datuk Abdul Rashid Harun Rashid said yesterday that army commandos based at Bakungan Kecil off Sandakan intercepted the intruders in eight pump boats in Malaysian waters at about 1.45pm on Wednesday.

He said that the commandos fired warning shots after the Filipinos refused to leave Sabah waters.

Two of them turned back while the six others stayed put. “One of them suddenly flashed a parang at security forces, prompting us to attack,” Abdul Rashid said.

The man was shot and his boat sank. He was later caught while the rest escaped.

“Investigations on his background are being carried out,” Abdul Rashid said.

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