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Friday, 5 September 2014

CM: Run it well and we’ll legalise it

MALACCA: The state government is willing to legalise the pig farming industry in Paya Mengkuang if it employs modern and systematic methods, says Datuk Seri Idris Haron.

The Chief Minister said the 35 farmers were now operating without permits, and more seriously, they “are using methods belonging in the Stone Age”.

“We are not against the industry, but the manner in which the livestock are being reared can be compared to an act of animal cruelty,” he said after chairing the weekly state exco meeting on Wednesday.

“I visited the farms and the situation is deplorable,” he said. “There are no proper drainage, space and pens for these animals.”

Idris said the local council officials also visited the farms in Paya Mengkuang and submitted reports over the improper farming techniques employed by farmers and the horrific cruelty to the 50,533 animals there.

He added that except for one farmer, the others had not adhered to the by-laws and regulations set by the local authorities and the relevant agencies for the industry.

“I promise to approve permits for the farmers once they have abided by the requirements and transformed their farming facilities into modern systems,” he said.

Idris said most pig farm operators were also found to be functioning without a proper waste management system.

The state Veterinary Services Department had also received complaints from residents of a small group of pig farmers who are dumping their animal wastes into Sungai Tuang here.

Idris added that the 2013 State Pig Farming Licensing Conditions were in the process of being gazetted and would come into effect early next year.

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