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Wednesday, 3 September 2014 | MYT 5:41 PM

Selangor MB crisis: Answer to impasse could lie with State Assembly, say lawyers

PETALING JAYA: The answer to the Selangor Mentri Besar impasse could lie with the State Assembly, say constitutional lawyers Eric Paulsen and Syahredzan Johan.

"You have to call for a vote of no confidence, so in that sense the relevant parties must petition the DUN to call for an emergency meeting and then take a vote of no confidence and make it clear once and for all as to whether Khalid commands the majority of support in the DUN," said Paulsen.

Paulsen, who spoke to The Star Online on Wednesday, said seeking a resolution to the issue involving Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim should not involve the courts, as legal proceedings are not suitable for the current dispute regarding Khalid's resignation and replacement.

"In this case, it is not suitable because you need a swift resolution and not a protracted legal battle running from the High Court to the Federal Court - this would take years to resolve," said the Lawyers for Liberty co-founder.

Paulsen added that if the issue was brought to court, there would be "unnecessary drama and undemocratic practices."

"This is what happened in Perak, where the then-Speaker V. Sivakumar was dragged out, Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen were locked out and forced to have a state assembly meeting under a tree.

“To avoid a spectacle of un-parliamentary behaviour, a vote of no confidence should be called," said Paulsen.

Asked what could be done to break the impasse, Syahredzan suggested a vote of no confidence, adding that it would have to wait for the Selangor State Assembly to sit in November.

"The Mentri Besar or the Executive Council members could advise the Sultan to call for an emergency sitting so a vote of confidence for a particular candidate can be tabled.

“That should conclusively show to the Sultan who conclusively has the majority," said Syahredzan.

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