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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

KP1M trio successfully enter Palestinian territory

CAIRO: The three Kelab Putera 1Malaysia’s (KP1M) representatives allowed into Gaza have crossed into Palestinian territory.

Mission leader Datuk Seri Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, Malaysian ambassador to Egypt Datuk Ku Jaafar Ku Shaari and Palestinian ambassador Dr Anwar Al-Agha crossed the border at about 10am (Egyptian time) yesterday.

Even with an armoured escort provided by the Egyptian military, the contingent, including a two-container truck carrying supplies for the Palestinians, had to stop at Al-Arish, near the Rafah crossing into Gaza.

Abdul Azeez confirmed his arrival in Gaza by phone to KP1M deputy presidents Datuk Farid Hassan and Datuk Mutalif Abdul Rahim, who were in Cairo.

Arrangements, said Mutalif, were being made to have more supplies trucked into the territory today.

On Sunday, Egyptian military at the Qantara checkpoint gave the green light for three representatives from the 83-men mission to continue their journey into Gaza.

There is currently a ceasefire in place in the conflict, which has seen 1,939 Palestinians and 67 on the Israeli side killed.

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