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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Thief swapped woman's card and stole her cash

KUALA LUMPUR: Until she received a call from the bank, Mabel (not her real name) did not realise that over RM27,000 had been wiped off her account – in 94 withdrawals over four straight days – by a thief who had swapped her ATM card with another.

The unfortunate event happened at the bank’s branch here.

While a foreign-looking man tapped her on her shoulder and pointed out that she had apparently dropped some money, another man beside her stealthily swapped her ATM card with a similar one.

Unaware, the writer and mother-of-two took the RM1,300 she had withdrawn and the card and left the bank.

When she failed to recover her losses from the bank, Mabel lodged a complaint with the Financial Mediation Bureau (FMB).

Following an investigation, FMB mediator Ganesan Somasundram held that the bank should reimburse RM22,160 or 80% of the disputed sum of RM27,700.

“We are of the view that fraudulent practices had occurred in the premises of the bank due to the lack of preventive measures to ensure a safe and conducive environment for their cardholders as envisaged by Bank Negara Malay­sia’s guidelines,” he had said in his written decision.

However, Ganesan, among others, held that the complainant had contributed negligence to a certain extent.

She accepted the FMB ruling.

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