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Monday, 28 July 2014

Johoreans biggest losers in toll hike

JOHOR BARU: Malaysians, especially Johoreans who commute to work in Singapore daily, could very well end up the biggest loser as the toll rates at the Bangunan Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) Complex increase several fold starting this Friday.

Online business owner, Derrek Ho, 26, said the hike would not cause much pain to Singaporeans but Malaysians would be the ones who end up hurting the most.

“Maybe there should be a discount for Malaysians as the increase is just too sudden,” he said.

Housewife Lee Liin Pei, 49, who sends her two children to study in Singapore, is certain that school bus and van companies would increase their charges in tandem.

“A lot of Malaysians send their children to Singapore to study and there will be parties who would take advantage to hike up the price of their services,” she said.

Graphic designer Izhan Yunus, 23, said that the toll increase was far too high.

“If the increase was reasonable, I am sure users would still be able to accept it,” he said, adding that the Government should give a clear explanation on why users have to pay the high amount.

Singaporean financial analyst Ibrahim Roszini, 29, who frequently visits Johor Baru to sample the delicious food, said that the hike would definitely cause lesser Malaysians to enter Singapore for leisure.

Singaporean financial analyst Ibrahim Roszini (pic), 29, who frequently visited Johor Baru for food, said the hike would definitely lead to fewer Malaysians entering Singapore for leisure.

“I do not think Singaporeans mind paying the amount, but I pity the Malaysians, who may have to pay an additional RM330 a month to commute to Singapore daily for work,” he said.

Technical service adviser Jasper Singh, 28, who works in Singapore, foresees more people using the already crowded motorcycle lanes.

“Most of us are already using motorcycles to work as often as we can to save money – now it is just going to make things worse,” said Jasper, who added there must be some guarantee that the additional costs would be used for the benefit of toll payers such as upgrading the Causeway, widening the lanes or creating a third bridge.

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