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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Coursemates remember bright student

SUBANG JAYA: A bright student, the class joker and a caring friend — these were among the descriptions friends of Muhammad Afif Tambi say of him.

The 19-year-old, a former Taylor’s University student, was among the victims who perished in the MH17 flight that crashed in Ukraine.

Having just completed his foun­dation year studies, Muhammad Afif was to start his degree in architecture at the same university next month.

At Surau al-Bukhary, where a special tahlil prayer was organised by the university on Monday afternoon, Muhammad Afif’s friends and lecturers were still coming to terms with their loss.

Coursemate Nadine Saedah Na­­sharuddin said although Muhammad Afif was “always travelling”, she did not think he was on the flight at first.

“As I saw more details of the crash on my Twitter feed, I decided to text him via WhatsApp — he would al­­ways reply my messages, where­ver he was,” she said.

“While waiting, I saw a Facebook post of his packed bags,” Nadine recalled. “And then, I realised that he was on that flight.

“He was the one in the group who always cracked jokes, lifting everyone’s spirits when they were down. That’s what I’ll miss about him the most,” said the 19-year-old.

Khairil Anwar, 21, who was Mu­­hammad Afif’s housemate, described him as a thoughtful young man and a “rare, one-of-a-kind friend”.

“Although he was younger than me, he was very mature in the way he offered advice and conducted himself. Before he left for the semester break (after completing his foundation year), we hugged each other goodbye,” said Khairil.

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