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Friday, 18 July 2014

Sim: Work taught me to stay cool

Overnight celebrity: Police officers taking a photo with Sim at the Kuantan police station. - Bernama

Overnight celebrity: Police officers taking a photo with Sim at the Kuantan police station. - Bernama

KUANTAN: Forty years of service in public hospitals helped Sim Siak Hong keep calm even under the most challenging conditions.

Explaining how he maintained his composure while being scolded and shouted at by Siti Fairrah Ashykin Kamaruddin (pic) in a widely publicised road rage incident here, Sim said working in the emergency department helped him to keep his cool.

“I was the head of the emergency department at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan here, and I have seen a lot of accidents.

“I had to stay calm always, otherwise I would not have been able to help the patients,” said Sim, 68.

He said Siti Fairrah, 30, might not have been able to control herself that day and ended up losing her temper after his car grazed her new Peugeot 208.

Sim was fined RM200 by the police for “failing to yield to another vehicle”, thus causing the accident.

“I was willing to pay her (for the damage to her vehicle) but then she started hitting my car with my steering lock.

“So, we ended up lodging reports with the traffic police,” said Sim, who added that he would have preferred to compensate Siti Fairrah.

Despite continued public anger against Siti Fairrah, Sim is insistent that she be forgiven, and added that he himself forgave Siti Fairrah for her outburst on Monday, the day of the incident.

Unfortunately, a video clip of the incident captured by a passer-by went viral a day after the incident.

“It was nothing serious. We can forgive those who have killed, why can’t we forgive her over this small incident?” he said in an interview here yesterday.

“When I was called to give my statement, I asked the police to tell the Inspector-General of Police not to press charges, but it is beyond my control. Meanwhile, Siti Fairrah, better known as Kiki, was detained by the police yesterday under Section 427 and Section 506 of the Penal Code for mischief and criminal intimidation.

If convicted, she could be jailed up to two years or fined or both for each charge.

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