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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Witness tells court accused gestured to her

SHAH ALAM: An armed guard who allegedly robbed a bank and shot dead a bank employee signalled to the victim’s colleague to keep quiet before he fled the scene, the High Court heard.

Laila Azwa Samingan, 28, her colleagues Norazita Abu Talib (deceased), Arzanna Abdullah and Ifasri Wahyuni Mansur, together with an armed guard known as ‘Ardi Hamzah’ were on duty at an AmBank branch in USJ Sentral, Subang Jaya on Oct 23, last year.

She was processing cheques at her work station when she heard a loud noise.

“I was shocked. I turned around and saw Ardi pulling Arzanna out of the vault. Ifasri and I ran to the sliding door. I saw Ardi walking out of the main door.

“He gestured to me with his finger, diam (quiet),” the witness said, raising her index finger to her lips to demonstrate.

Laila was testifying in the trial of Indonesian La Ode Ardi Rasila, who is accused of murdering Norazita at the bank between 6pm and 6.30pm on Oct 23 last year.

The gory photos of the victim lying lifeless were not shown to Laila due to her being heavily pregnant.

Counsel S. Selvi, who represented La Ode, told the court it was not necessary to show the photos to a pregnant woman.

Another witness La Polo Lariala, who is now serving time for possession of stolen money related to the robbery, testified that La Ode and another friend known as Joemar stopped by at his work place on Oct 23.

The Indonesian said La Ode went inside his security post while Joemar waited outside.

“La Ode opened a bag filled with money and threw them at me.

“I asked him where he got them, he did not answer but told me to pass the money to his wife,” La Polo said.

The witness said it was a “lot of money” in RM100 notes but did not count the amount.

La Ode and Joemar later left in a car. The next day, two policemen arrested La Polo and told him La Ode had robbed and murdered a person.

The hearing continues today before Justice Akhtar Tahir.

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