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Thursday, 26 June 2014

CCTV quality matters, banks told

KUALA LUMPUR: Police want banks to ensure that their closed circuit television systems are up to scratch.

They have recommended that banks nationwide look into several security aspects such as the CCTV quality and placement of ATMs.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Mohd Bakri Zinin said although some banks had adequate CCTV networks with high quality video recording, other banks still needed upgrading.

“There are times when we need to zoom into car number plates but the low resolution of the video makes it unreadable,” he said after attending the meeting of banking institution security managers at Menara Bank Islam yesterday.

He said criminals are now targeting ATMs and security vans.

Mohd Bakri said that high quality CCTV cameras could help the police to identify the suspects involved while the placement of ATMs should also be properly studied.

“ATM’s should not be placed right in front of a main road as it could allow criminals to just drag the machines away,” he said.

Meanwhile Bukit Aman Foren­sics (forensics lab) deputy assistant director Senior Asst Comm Narenasagaran said security vans had to look at driving different routes when they had cash-in-transit.

“Most of the time these vans use the same route when they go on their rounds, which gives the criminals an opportunity to take advantage of the situation.

“Last year we had a total of 78 ATM robberies with Selangor on top (28 cases), followed by Johor (19 cases) and Kuala Lumpur (10 cases).

“This year between January and May, nine cases were reported with three cases each in Selangor and Kelantan,” he said.

He added that last year two security vans with cash-in-transit were robbed compared to only one van robbed this year.

SAC Narenasagaran said although statistics showed a decreasing trend in bank robberies, these security aspects still needed looking into.

Mohd Bakri said the police were also strictly monitoring security companies and applicants for carry and use of firearms.

“We have to be very strict in approving these applications as it involves public security,” he said adding that scheduled checks and spot checks are conducted on these security companies to ensure compliance with the rules.

He said police were also encouraging large companies to train and hire auxiliary police personnel as an added security measure.

“At this moment several banks, companies and shopping malls are already using auxiliary police.

“It is up to the other companies to see if it is necessary to hire auxiliary police as well,” he said, adding that currently a total of 175 agencies have in their employment 20,000 auxiliary police personnel nationwide.

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