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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Malacca finds way to control sticky situation

MALACCA: With glue sniffing becoming a problem among youngsters, the state assembly has approved a motion to draft an enactment controlling the sale of adhesives.

In tabling the motion, Lim Ban Hong (BN-Klebang) said cases of glue sniffing as an intoxicant among teenagers and youngsters in the state were getting rampant.

As adhesives were easily available in shops, addicts would have no problem buying them cheaply, he said.

He called for state directives to be given to local councils to monitor and control the sale of adhesives at premises under the respective by-laws.

The motion was seconded by Zaidi Atan (BN-Serkam) before it was put to vote with 22 members voting for and six abstaining.

Goh Leong San (DAP-Duyong) said glue sniffing had been a social problem plaguing the nation since the 1980s. However, he pointed out that the motion was incomplete without details on enforcement, the type of adhesives involved and the penalty, and therefore abstained from voting.

The other five who abstained were DAP assemblymen.

Dr Md Khalid Kassim (PAS-Bukit Baru), who supported the motion, said it was medically proven that the constant glue sniffing could cause many serious, long-term and often irreversible health problems including loss of hearing and damage to the brain.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron (BN-Sungai Udang) said it was clearly seen from the debate that leaders from both sides could come together to deter glue sniffing.

Adhesives, he said, were not drugs and the authorities had no clout at present to detain glue sniffers and the problem could become worse if no action was taken.

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