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Monday, 9 June 2014

Patriarch killed in hit-and-run

KUALA LUMPUR: A family lost its patriarch after a car knocked down Leung Man Chuk, 84, while he was walking home after breakfast.

Leung was a Hong Kong citizen with Malaysian permanent residence. His wife, identified as Madam Chong, 73, said the father of five and grandfather of 10 would wake up at 6am and take the bus to the South Jinjang market where he would have breakfast, read the papers and chat with friends before walking back home in Kampung Tintingan.

According to police reports, Leung was crossing Jalan Jinjang towards Kepong when he was knocked down by a car at 7.30am on Sunday and suffered severe head injuries.

Two men, who were in the car, abandoned their vehicle and fled.

Kuala Lumpur Staff Officer for Traffic Investigation and Regulation Deputy Supt Markandan Subrama­niam said they were trying to identify the two men.

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