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Friday, 30 May 2014

Abby: Hubby pronounced divorce twice

Abby Abadi's husband Muhammad Noor Farhan Che Bakar. - Filepic

Abby Abadi's husband Muhammad Noor Farhan Che Bakar. - Filepic

KUALA LUMPUR: Television actress Abby Abadi’s husband Muhammad Noor Farhan Che Bakar had pronounced the divorce on her twice.

The last pronouncement was sent through a SMS on May 9 in which the 24-year-old Muham-mad Noor Farhan wrote aku ceraikan engkau (I am divorcing you).

Abby, whose real name is Arbaiyah Abdul Manan, told the Gombak Timur lower Syariah Court yesterday that the first time that Muhammad Noor Farhan pronounced the divorce on her was in January when he told a friend that he had divorced her.

However, she said, they later decided to reconcile after being advised by relatives and the matter was not reported to the court.

Abby, 37, and Muhammad Noor Farhan were present at the court yesterday to officially file for divorce following the second proclamation.

Abby, who is known for her role as Insp Aleeza in the television series Gerak Khas, said the SMS was sent at 10.25am after the couple argued the night before.

She said the argument was due to a prolonged misunderstanding and Muhammad Noor Farhan did not return home the night before he sent the SMS.

Muhammad Noor Farhan, when cross-examined by Lower Syariah Court judge Shaiful Azli Jamaluddin, admitted he had sent out the SMS and did have the intention of divorcing his wife.

Shaiful then set June 11 to re-mention the case and asked the couple to clarify the matter.

When met outside the courtroom, Abby said she accepted the outcome of her marriage with Muhammad Noor Farhan but still hoped the matter could be resolved amicably.

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