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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Jittery but life must go on

Aquacultur e venture: The fish-rearing section of the Wonderful Terrace farm.

Aquacultur e venture: The fish-rearing section of the Wonderful Terrace farm.

LAHAD DATU: Life went on as usual in this Sabah east coast town a day after the kidnapping of Chinese national Yang Zai Lin – but the latest incident has left the state’s business community feeling jittery.

Many fear that the rapid economic growth enjoyed by the east coast folk might take a beating in terms of investments as well as tourist arrivals if nothing concrete is done to strengthen and totally secure the state’s east coast border with the troubled southern Philippines.

Political parties from both sides of the divide have also joined the business community in calling for firmer security measures.

For many fish farmers near the Wonderful Terrace Sdn Bhd farm where Yang was grabbed, it was business as usual with higher presence of security in the area.

Although journalists were taken close to the Wonderful Terrace fish farm, they were not allowed into the farm house.

Chin, a goldsmith in Lahad Datu town about 18km away, said the people had no choice but to go on with their daily lives.

“Sometimes we are worried as we do not know when these mundu (pirates) will strike again but life must go on,” she said.

Federation of Sabah Manufacturers president Datuk Seri Wong Ken Thau said action was needed to prevent the situation from worsening.

“This has to stop and the Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom) as well as other security forces need to come up with some concrete answers,” he said.

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