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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

'Selangor government is to be blamed for water crisis'

PUTRAJAYA: The Selangor government is to be blamed for the water crisis in the Klang Valley, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The Prime Minister said it was Selangor’s refusal to go along with the Federal Government’s proposal to build the Langat 2 treatment plant in 2009 that resulted in the crisis.

“This is the reality that many people do not appreciate, thus blaming the Federal Government for their woes.

“Actually, we can prove that if the 2009 proposal was accepted, the people in the Klang Valley would not be saddled with water problems,” he said at the Prime Minister’s Department’s monthly assembly here yesterday.

Accusing Selangor of making populist decisions, Najib said the Federal Government made its decisions with the long term in mind.

“Do not look from the populist viewpoint because sometimes our considerations must be based on what are the long-term benefits for the people and country,” said Najib.

On the unpleasant experience when the Government did something for the greater good of the people, Najib said what was beneficial might taste like bitter medicine.

“Although we may face some short-term difficulties, they are for our own good in the long run,” said Najib, who added that there were some quarters who seized on these moments to twist the facts and plant hatred against the Government among the people.

“But just like when we are on medication, we must finish the course to recover from our illness,” he said.

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