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Monday, 21 April 2014

Family members weep as crowd waits to see Karpal one last time

Fitting tribute: St Xavier’s Institution marching band passing by the state assembly building during the funeral procession.

Fitting tribute: St Xavier’s Institution marching band passing by the state assembly building during the funeral procession.

GEORGE TOWN: There were emotionally charged scenes at the Batu Gantong crematorium as family members, relatives and friends bade farewell to Karpal Singh.

Karpal’s wife Gurmit Kaur was seen sobbing uncontrollably when her husband’s casket was wheeled into the crematorium.

His daughter Sangeet Kaur Deo was also seen wailing loudly and had to be consoled by her brother Ramkarpal Singh Deo.

Family members then spent 30 minutes performing the last rites in the inner chamber before the shutters came down for the cremation.

Earlier, hundreds of people had packed the crematorium, some who had been waiting for hours to catch a last glimpse of Karpal.

Those who had gathered at the crematorium began shouting “Karpal Singh! Karpal Singh!” when the hearse arrived at the crematorium at 1.35pm yesterday.

Many, especially women, came with stalks of flowers with the hope of seeing Karpal for the last time and were seen offering prayers.

Karpal’s eldest son Jagdeep Singh Deo had to appeal to the public and press members to make way for the family members to perform the last rites.

Karpal’s second son Gobind Singh Deo, who is Puchong MP, had to finally use a microphone to make another appeal for the family to have a private moment with their father.

Earlier, hundreds of people dropped by Karpal’s house in Jalan Utama as early as 6.30am.

However, only family members were allowed inside to conduct prayers, which was believed to have started about two hours earlier.

Hundreds of flowers from well-wishers had also been transported by trucks and lorries from his house to the Dewan Sri Pinang and the Batu Gantong Crematorium since 11.30pm on Saturday.

The hearse left the house at about 7.40am to the sound of firecrackers, and marshals were seen assisting traffic for a smoother journey.

It was then escorted by some 100 superbikers, who had earlier stopped along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah before leading the hearse to the Dewan Sri Pinang.

The hearse arrived at Dewan Sri Pinang at 8.11am. A few minutes later, the coffin was placed near the main entrance of the hall where thousands of people had gathered outside, waiting to pay their last respects.

A small white DAP flag was placed on the coffin.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, together with other party leaders, then laid the Penang flag over the DAP flag.

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