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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Survey: Almost half of Malaysian Chinese unaware of MACC

PUTRAJAYA: Close to half of Malaysian Chinese respondents in a survey showed they were not aware of the existence of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

This was revealed in a nationwide survey of 200 mostly urban respondents carried out by the Federation of Chinese Associations Malay­sia (Hua Zong) at the end of last year, said MACC community education division director Datuk Shamshun Baharin Mohd Jamil.

“At least 48% of them did not know about the MACC and many had little knowledge of the offences stipulated under the MACC Act (2009).

“This could be largely due to a lack of engagement with the Chinese community on our part, as many in the community may be more comfortable conversing in Chinese dialects (instead of Bahasa Malaysia or English),” Shamshun said at the MACC headquarters here yesterday.

As an example, he noted there were only three Chinese officers in his division of 94 staff – a handicap in the MACC’s efforts to convey its messages effectively to the Chinese community in their mother tongue.

This led the MACC to step up its initiatives to reach out to the Chinese community by enga­ging the support of associations and non-­governmental organisations (NGOs) related to the target group, such as Hua Zong, Shamshun added.

An upcoming event includes a corporate integrity pact signing ceremony on April 26, where more than 100 Chinese NGOs and associations have been invited to attend.

“This does not mean that corruption is rampant among the Chinese, rather it’s just that we (MACC) have not had enough direct engagement with this community.

“Personally, I would want at least 30% of our force to be represented by Chinese but this depends on the number of people who apply for a job with us,” Shamshun said.

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