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Monday, 14 April 2014

Glue-sniffing addict hits father with a hoe

MALACCA: A man who was high after sniffing glue hit his 72-year-old father with a hoe after the older man chided him for wearing his shoes into the house.

Mat Sap Bachik, from Kampung Bukit Tembakau in Jasin, was hit four times on the back of his head, neck and shoulders.

Mat Sap, a retired project super­visor at the Survey and Mapping Department, said he was at home when his second youngest son, a 34-year-old odd job worker who has been sniffing glue for more than 10 years, walked in without taking his shoes off.

“He was high at the time. I told him off and slapped him on the face,” Mat Sap said. After a second slap, his son gripped his body.

“We struggled and fell on the floor,” he said.

The son then ran to the front of the house and started kicking and shaking the door and grill.

“I took out a hoe to scare him. But the stick got stuck in the grille and he snatched it away from me and started hitting me with it.”

His 67-year-old wife, who had just returned home, shouted for her son to stop hitting his father. She then sought help from relatives, who later alerted the police.

Jasin OCPD Deputy Supt Muhd Nur Hishamuddin Hashim said the man had been arrested at 7pm after a report was made.

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